What we offer

Befitting Rotterdam School of Management’s global outlook, the Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP) is about connecting opportunities arising from globalization. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, national firms are triggered to look beyond their borders to expand their business to the places where their products, technology or services may establish a new foothold. These new frontiers are often found in emerging markets, in which rising middle classes, strong economic growth rates and policy reforms pave the way for fruitful new beginnings.

To have the vision of expanding to new countries is a first: to realize it is a second. Often, the manpower, time or creativity is missing to actively and thoroughly seek out those opportunities abroad. This is where the Erasmus Consultancy Project provides itself as a viable option. The project consists of a driven group of students who dedicate their time, commitment and enthusiasm to exploring opportunities for your company in an emerging country, by means of preliminary, desk and field research. This year, our country of destination is Indonesia!

The Erasmus Consultancy Project offers:

·   A diverse team of 26 top-tier business students from various (study) backgrounds and nationalities studying at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

·   Bright creative minds dedicating themselves to exploration and investigation of opportunities for your company on a tailor-made, cost-price basis

·   Knowledge transfer warranting the quality and insights gathered by 32 successful ECP years, supported by the Board of Recommendation and Supervisory Board

·   Warranty of academic quality and research effectiveness by two professors and further assistance of (academic) resources by the renowned Rotterdam School of Management

·   Consultant time commitment of 12 hours per from Oct – Dec to investigate Indonesia on a preliminary basis, 12 hours per week in May and June to conduct tailor-made desk research and full-time commitment during the 3-week field research trip in Indonesia

The ECP offers various kinds of consultancy services with regards to expansion and investment opportunities in Indonesia. Our tailor-made research ranges from general market research to a specialized supplier analysis.  Take a look at the various possibilities of our consultancy services, briefly listed below. Please note that the list below is solely an indication of the services on offer. It is also possible to conduct a research covering multiple services or regions in Indonesia. You can contact us in any case for more information.

Research options

Entering strategy

Have you not had the opportunity to enter the Indonesian market yet? We can help by researching all the factors that go into starting up business in Indonesia.

Market research

Through market research we can identify and define market opportunities for clients. To gain more insight into consumer behavior or a specific target-group, data can be gathered and analyzed. Research for companies in the B2B industry is also possible.

Value chain analysis

Through this analysis, we can investigate possibilities in every stage of the supply chain, particularly if your company wishes to integrate their supply chain in Indonesia. For example, we can conduct research about suppliers, distributors, or (potential) customers. Moreover, we can analyse opportunities for outsourcing business operations to Indonesia, or foreign direct investment opportunities.

Competitor analysis

A competitor analysis considers the nature and extent of the competition in (a region of) Indonesia. Additionally, it identifies major competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and those of their products, their objectives, their strategies and their technologies. Also, the market structure is examined closely.

Feasibility analysis

With this analysis, we can examine the feasibility of entry into the Indonesian market. By means of analyses supported by RSM we can evaluate your business position and formulate a strategy for entry based on the results. This analysis can also be performed on an industry level.

Supplier analysis

In this analysis, we investigate the supplier landscape and identify the best and most fitting suppliers for your company.